Friday, May 29, 2020

Karnataka Corona Cases Go High - Ban to Travel from 5 States

Today the number of corona cases went high with the number reaching 248. In the morning report, it was 178 and in the evening, it was 70. This is the highest till date in the state. With the decision be taken to relax the lockdown 4.0, the numbers are just going high on daily basis with 1000 crossing in just 10 days. This increase has made the people of Karnataka and the government so worried. This has made the government to take a decision of banning the entry of people from 5 states through road and rail till 15th of June. The states are Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

The total number of cases until date 29/05/2020 is 2781 with 1837 active, 894 recoveries and 48 deaths. To be precise of the top five districts infected by this pandemic is Bengaluru Urban with 305, Mandya 257, Kalaburagi 252, Yadgir 222 and Udupi 164.

As of 29th May the total tests stands at 264489 with recovery rate of the people is 32.22% in the state which is considered a good number in the country. Mortality rate is 1.73% better compared to big states. In the last one week the new cases has gone to a 6% high, which is worrying the government. Still there are 66.06% of active cases present till now, who are admitted in different hospitals of the state.

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