Sunday, May 31, 2020

How to Travel to Karnataka from Other States.

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Lockdown 4.0 will be ended today midnight with new rules to be followed from tomorrow. As far as Karnataka is considered, the Lockdown 5.0 commences from tomorrow as per the central government’s guidelines. The State will open Temples, Restaurants and Malls from June 8 with some restrictions. Schools, Colleges, Gyms and Swimming pools be closed until further instructions. The night curfew reduced between 9 p.m to 5 a.m instead of 7 p.m to 7 a.m.

Following are steps to enter to Karnataka from other states except Maharashtra:

1)      Register on Seva Sethu Portal :

2)     Health screening of all incoming persons.

3)     Home quarantine hand stamping on hand for 14 days period.

4)     For person not able to be in home quarantine, then they will be institutional quarantine.

If symptoms found, 7 days hospital isolation followed by 7 days of home quarantine.

For Maharashtra:

1)     7 days institutional quarantine followed by 7 days of home quarantine.

2)     If a negative certificate submitted from an ICMR approved lab not more than 2 days old can be in 14-day quarantine.

3)     If a negative certificate is more than 2 days, then needs to test in his/her own cost.

Please find below the screen shots of “Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka."

* Image Source: Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka

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