Monday, April 20, 2020

Taana Movie Review

It would appear that there will be no lack of stories in Kollywood as long as movie producers concoct a plot around either scatters. Vaibhav had played a structural specialist who manages night visual deficiency in his past excursion, Sixer. This time, his character (Sakthi) is by all accounts experiencing an odd voice issue, which is alluded to as puberphonia – his voice changes to that of a lady's at whatever point he gets apprehensive.

Sakthi hails from a group of cops – his dad (Pandirajan), who additionally served in the division, needs him to wear the khakhi, however the previous is hesitant because of his voice issue. Be that as it may, a sudden occurrence adjusts his perspective. He turns into a cop and takes on a posse of fraudsters who took a lady's life. In any case, little did he realized that a top dog was behind the pack. How he manages them shapes the remainder of the story.

Taana has the same old thing to offer aside from another confusion based characterisation made for its hero. There is not really any scene which causes one to understand the hero. What's more, the film is loaded up with a few platitudes we run over in the majority of the movies – a white collar class saint, a female lead for the legend to experience passionate feelings for from the start battle, father-child conscience, hovering mother, etc. A repulsiveness point and an examination track in the last half are superior to the tiring previous half. Aside from the average specialized side, what keeps the crowd snared to a degree is Vaibhav's exhibition and a portion of the jokes of Yogi Babu.

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