Monday, April 20, 2020

Meendum Oru Mariyadhai Movie Review

Meendum Oru Mariyathai is the irregular excursion between a discouraged little youngster and a deserted elderly person who is ignorant regarding what to do next throughout everyday life. Om (Bharathiraaja), a septuagenarian, is a man who grasps customary qualities. His visit to the UK with spouse, to be with his child's family, turns awful as he loses the better-half in a sudden new development. After some time, he leaves his child's family as he wouldn't like to be a weight for them. He coincidentally meets Venba (Nakshatra), a little youngster, who is never going to budge on ending it all because of individual issues. Om attempts to convince her from ending her life and vows to impart satisfaction in a range of 10 days and approaches her to go along with him for a fascinating excursion.

With a charming plot, what works for the film is the exhibition of both the lead artistes. In any case, the less than impressive creation quality and emotional discoursed ruin the embodiment of a few arrangements. The interpretation of life is fascinating without being long winded, however the absence of enumerating for different characters makes it difficult to associate with the procedures after a point. What starts off as an average portrayal in the long run transforms out into a tiring trip.

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