Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Kottayam Movie Review

The cops give everything to understand the riddle of CRPF bomb crew part Annie's homicide. In any case, the more they attempt to divulge the riddle the more they are attracted to a problem.

Annie's life rotates around Sunny, her adoration intrigue, his sister Sarah and another man she has an enthusiasm for, Johny. How their lives get trapped and they become the prime suspects for the homicide frames the story.

In spite of the fact that the film's story puts money on the case of the frightful assault and murder of Annie, it additionally attempts to feature the different current day gives that ladies face. All things considered, the film loses authority over the string post interim, and it can't arrive at a resolution either, in regards to the offender or the explanation behind such a shocking wrongdoing. There are a bunch of significant ladies characters like Annie, Sarah and ancestral head's little girl Apali in the story and the film attempts to introduce their excursions in detail, which, in any case, brings about going amiss from the principle plot a bit excessively. There are additionally a ton of remaining details in the story that leave the watchers astounded. On the off chance that the film had given the story a legitimate, all around graphed way to introduce its thoughts, likely it would have worked better.

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