Monday, April 20, 2020

Galtha Movie Review

While this one-line plot of Galtha may sound intriguing, the film is definitely not that. Hari Uthraa can't portray his story lucidly and gives us an uncontrollably lopsided film where everything without exception occurs for no justifiable purpose. Take the character of Appukutty. For the whole first half, he is worked as a lowlife who is never going to budge on killing the legends. However, minutes into the subsequent half, we see him discussing how they helped him when he was out of luck and that he should remain by them! The remainder of the characters aren't any unique.

There is amateurishness on all fronts, from the composition to the acting to the scoring. Indeed, even the peak, a barefaced remove from Subramaniapuram, doesn't succeed. Whenever constrained to call attention to something respectable, one could state that B Vasu's visuals, particularly the night shots, have some stylish intrigue. However, that is everything that matters in this film which exists exclusively on the grounds that somebody felt that they could make a film since they had a message.

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