Monday, April 20, 2020

College Kumar Movie Review

The revamp of a Kannada film with a similar title, College Kumar has the issues which a large portion of the redo variants endure. The venture, which has been made at the same time in Tollywood too, seems as though a Telugu film in numerous scenes, on account of the area and artistes who assume the minor supporting jobs.

Thirumurugan (Prabhu), who fills in as a peon, needs to make his child an evaluator since his manager, a haughty inspector, affronts him. As time cruises by, his child, Siva Kumar (Rahul) frustrates him by not being a brilliant understudy at school. Thiru's better half Janaki (Madhoo), as well, is angry with the equivalent. He loses his cool when Kumar is ended from school for enjoying a misbehavior. An incensed Kumar vents out his disappointment to his dad and provokes him to join school and win a degree. How Thiru responds to the call shapes the remainder of the story.

The plot sounds okayish on paper, however the execution flounders for the most part because of nativity factor. All the artistes with the exception of the significant entertainers aren't Tamil and it seems like a naming flick. The lip-match up, be that as it may, is faultless in the greater part of the scenes. The creation esteem is another positive part of the film separated from Prabhu's presentation as a loyal dad. The absence of effective enthusiastic scenes, unoriginal arrangements, nonattendance of nativity and an unappealing screenplay ruin the plot. The lead pair, as well, isn't exactly amazing.

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