Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Cochin Shadhi At Chennai 03, coordinated by Manjith Divakar, is a bilingual social, wrongdoing thriller.

The film makes a decent attempt to look more than a few significant social issues that require quick consideration, sequential assault being the issue that the film endeavors to concentrate on. Be that as it may, the film, for the bigger bit, winds up being musically challenged and unfeeling toward the wrongdoing by being realistic and bloody only for it. And afterward, when the attackers get a perky thing tune to sing and move to, the film impartially trivializes the current issue in an eccentric conciliation of mass diversion factors.

Shadhika, who is pregnant with only one parent present, needs to venture out to Chennai for clinical counsel. Be that as it may, the excursion turns deadly for her. Cochin Shadhi At Chennai 03 is the account of what befalls her in the excursion.

Cochin Shadhi At Chennai 03 film is realistic and bloody only for it. What's more, neither does the story have any characteristic feeling of movement. The film dives externally with each character in the account. The exhibitions, that of Charmila, RK Suresh, Neha Saxena and the rest are on the whole normal or underneath. Shivaji Guruvayoor is completely squandered in the plot. The film is conflicting in all angles, down to even the captions that show up and vanish in its own agreement. To a great extent occurring in Chennai, the film has a mainly Tamil talking cast and almost no Malayalam. What's more, it likewise does a crazy form of Tamil film sensibilities from the 80s cop motion pictures where the legend's machismo drives the account. In any case, tragically they don't figure out how to do the class any equity.

The cinematography of Cochin Shadhi At Chennai 03 is the main comfort at offer to the crowd. At the point when it isn't graphically fierce, the film offers some great casings and visuals.

Cochin Shadhi At Chennai 03 is a flinch fest you can keep away from without the slightest hesitation. It has the same old thing to offer, making it stale wine in an old jug.

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