Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Bhoomiyile Manohara Swakaryam Movie Review

"What we need aren't dividers that different people however connects that interface minds" – summarizes executive Shyju Anthikad's film which rotates around the romantic tale of Anna Joseph (Prayaga Martin) and Ahmedkutty (Deepak Parambol).

Ahmedkutty, whom his loved ones affectionately call Ammatty, and Anna are beloved companions and neighbors. In spite of having resolute confidence, religion never comes in the middle of the two as they grow up together. At a crossroads, Ammatty, who disappears comes back to his old neighborhood as a strict pioneer. When, Anna turns into a religious recluse. When they meet once more, will the affection flying creatures rejoin?

Scriptwriter A Shanthakumar has composed an auspicious romantic tale that illuminates the progressions that the strict devotion has brought to the Malayali mind. The film which is idyllic likewise has some delightful and provocative exchanges like 'when religion gets through the entryway, love leaps out of the window'.

Deepak Parambol has made Ahmedkutty, a critical character, while Anna could in all likelihood be on of Prayaga's best exhibitions up until this point. She has tried different things with her looks, voice and acting. The other stand-apart exhibitions in the film originate from Shine Tom Chacko who assumes an intriguing job of a cop, Nisha Sarang, Indrans, Sudheesh, Anju Aravind and Hareesh Peradi.

Music has an incredible task to carry out in the film - both the tunes and foundation score. Author Sachin Balu and the lyricists have made the film a melodic love adventure that is new, heartfelt and pleasant. The visuals with able lighting and work of art add flavor to the story.

In any case, the film that has theatricians behind the camera including the executive and the copyist, utilizes a ton of components from theater that occasionally make the crowd question in the event that they are watching a film or a play. Thinking about the significance of the topic and its introduction, the film is an impassionate adventure of Anna and Ahammedkutty. Generally speaking, the film is an all around coordinated romantic tale that would interface with individuals who are enamored and have a place with various rank or religion, and battle to be as one.

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